Your teen may not be thinking about living longer but this research is a great reason for everyone to floss.

Although it is seen more commonly in the preteen years, sometimes teens will refuse to shower or bathe.

If your teen showers daily and doesn't feel that deodorant is necessary, and you agree (just give them the sniff test! Good dental hygiene will help prevent a variety of ills.

Toothbrushing removes some of the common bacteria that can cause bad breath.

One way is to purchase personal care items geared for teens.

Deodorant, soap, body spray, or even acne face wash that are left in the bathroom might magically disappear in a few weeks.

No person is an island, so being able to deal with other people is an essential skill for teens and adults alike.

Secondly, being clean allows us to be sanitary –- maybe not completely free of germs, but mostly free of the germs that are harmful.

There are a few ways to deal with a teen who won't bathe or keep up basic hygiene.

Those bacteria, if not removed, can get into the bloodstream and can even lead to heart disease.

News has shown that daily flossing might even increase your life expectancy because it removes these dangerous bacteria.

First, it's important to understand whether or not the bathing is a problem for your teen or a problem for you.

If you feel your teen should shower daily, but she thinks that every other day is fine and she is reasonably clean, perhaps agreeing to disagree would be a reasonable path.

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